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Kansas Spray Foam Insulation’s Response to COVID-19

Staying Safe Amongst the Pandemic

These are crazy times, and staying safe and practicing good social hygiene is drastically important to stop the spread of the corona virus. Here is what Kansas Spray Foam Insulation is doing to make sure to protect our customers during these trying times.

We support and abide by the Core4 stay at home orders and for all other state, county and/or cities that enforce the same.

Kansas Spray Foam is an essential business and will remain open during the order to support our customers and keep projects rolling for other construction businesses to complete their work. Here are some of the policies that KSFI has adopted to protect our workers and customers:


  • Employees are screened before coming to work for any symptoms that related to Covid19 or any other infectious dideases.  If there are any symptons that would eliminate them from coming to work, they will be returned home and asked to seek medical attention.
  • No Handshake Rule
  • 6 feet social distancing with customers
  • All customers must communicate with Kevin Brauer regarding jobs
  • Upon arriving at all projects, all workers are required to immediately put on PPE.
  • Lunches will be brought in by the crewman.  The only reason to leave the job is to use the restroom, if one is not provided on-site.
  • Hand sanitizer will be issued. Workers are prompted to use this before and after eating and whenever possible.
  • All trucks will be wiped down at the end of every day.

KSFI will be following all CDC guidelines to protect both our customers and employees by following appropriate social and personal hygiene. Our offices will still be open, although not to the public. Please call in to discuss any upcoming or ongoing projects and we will be glad to assist you.


Stay safe.


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