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Why R-Factor Doesn't Mean Much.

     The stack effect is the movement of air from an area of higher density(colder air) to an area of less density (warmer air).  The hot air will rise in the winter and escape through cracks, crevices, chimneys, utility penetrations, and vents. This effect causes a draw from the lower-levels (basement or crawlspace) to the upper levels (attics).

  1. The hot air in your home is less dense than colder air causing it to rise.
  2. Hot air will try to escape through cracks and crevices in your home, especially your attic.
  3. As hot air is escaping through the cracks, crevices and penetrations in your home, cold air will draw in from the basement or lower levels. As the cold air is heated, it will rise to the attic. There will be a continuous draw from the basement to the attic in cold weather. Vice-Versa in warm weather.
  4. The laws of physics do not change in the summer. This process is reversed in the summer months.

     This is why air barriers are so important in the new world of insulation. Once you seal the bottom and top of your house, the pressure systems inside start working as they should. Your house will start to breathe primarily from its air intake as it should, and not from moldy crawlspaces or mildewy attics. Spray foam insulation is a mold/mildew resistant insulation and will be a clean air barrier that lasts the life of your home. 

Bottom-to-Top Air Flow Stop Program


     As a part of the process for establishing the needs of the residential homeowner, with the use of a manometer, the SPF Advisor will conduct a test that will measure the pressure between the upper and lower sections of your home.  These pressures are described in the Stack Effect section of this brochure.  Depending on the findings on the manometer, an insulation energy evaluation will be conducted, which includes: basements, rim joists, crawlspaces, walls, attics, ventilation ducts and all other penetrations into or out of the residence.  These inspections will check for air leakage and air flow through the house.


     KSFI professionals will look at the current Thermal Home Envelope (this consists of where insulation is currently) and create a solution to best accomplish sealing and insulating the Thermal Envelope.    KSFI will propose a plan with permanent solutions while doing our best to stay within a budget.  Spray foam insulation is a permanent solution to all home insulation problems that ranges from air leaks to pest control.


Our Process 

  • Consult with you to evaluate your insulation needs
  • Create a proposal that meets your needs
  • Direct our qualified customers to financing or other programs that will assist them in this program.
  • Schedule and Perform the work needed
  • Future follow-up with customers

     At Kansas Spray Foam Insulation we believe in educating our customers.  If there are any questions you have about our product and its uses, give us a call.  We are here to answer any questions related to insulation.  We have the support of our manufacturer and over 12 years spray foam insulation experience.



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