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hiring a spray foam insulation contractor

Hiring a Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

Hiring a spray foam insulation contractor can be very trying for anyone who has never contracted this kind of work before. Spray foam insulation has become more popular and has proven to improve the comfort level in our homes and $AVE US MONEY.  With that said, there are more and more spray foam insulation contractors going into business to try their hand at installing spray foam insulation.  While you are searching and contacting these installers, we have compiled a list of topics and questions for you to consider asking or speaking with your potential installer about.  Make sure that you get all your questions answered to your satisfaction.  A good installer will have all the answers.

A Second & Third Quote/Estimate: WHAT TO LOOK FOR!: 

  • Talk to several contractors.  A good insulation contractor can answer all your questions and explain the type of spray foam insulation recommended as it pertains to your project (not all spray foam is equal!).  He will also put in the proposal/quote exactly what type of insulation (including density: 2lb, 1.7lb, etc.)  will be installed and where it will be installed. 
  • Understand that fiberglass batt or blown insulation installed with spray foam is NOT the same thing, no matter what any insulation contractor tells you.  The only way to get ALL the benefits of Spray Foam insulation is with SPRAY FOAM INSULATION only. 
  • Spray foam installers have very specific rules to follow when it comes to the type of insulation and where to install it.   
  • Once you receive your second and third quotes, make sure that the proposal/quotes AREapples” to “apples” not spray foam to fiberglass or blown and the density of the foam is bidded the same. Prices vary greatly with all of these.
  • Watch out for general terms like “Spray Foam”.  It should be identified as “open-cell” or “closed cell” with the density, which are not the same and the costs are widely different. 
  • Your first or second quotes can be less, sometimes much less, than all the others.  The cheapest quote may not be for the same thing.  There are contractors that prey on your inexperience in insulation to win bids.  We can help you compare the scopes of work in the quotes/estimates without knowing other companies’ prices.  We are passionate about our industry and for that reason, we will give you an honest assessment of your proposals/quotes. 

Experience:  What experience does this contractor have with your scope of work?

Scheduling: How far out are they scheduling?  Does this meet your needs?  This can vary depending on the time of year.

Insurance: Does the company have Worker’s Compensation and the appropriate General Liability?  The general liability is specialized for our industry because of the nature of the product (i.e., coverage for chemical spills/Hazmat, overspray, etc.).

Warranty: Does the company offer a Workmanship Warranty?  How long is it good for?

Overselling:  Estimators that are pushy and demanding decisions or on a timeline to get discounts, should be weighted with scrutiny.  The estimator should be there with the intention of solving your problem and trying to stay within your budget as best they can. 

Word of Mouth and Reviews:  Talking to someone that has experience with the company or reading reviews can be helpful.  Even great companies have dissatisfied customers but still deliver a great product.  So check your resources in several places and ask for references, preferably from someone with a project like yours.  If the company is established, they should be able to provide that information.

I hope this was helpful.  Contact us anytime with questions about your project, its free!


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