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Kansas Spray Foam Insulation, LLC would like to develop B2B relationships.  We want to extend our services to achieve a B2B relationship to work beside home builders and contractors, compete for government contracts, collaborate with architects and expand the services of other insulation companies.  We are dedicated to competing for your business with excellent customer service, priority scheduling, professional installation of our products and with our competitive pricing.  Allow us to work for you!

Commercial Building Envelope Consulting

This is a quarterly subscription and hourly service that is offered to owners, managers and investors. This consulting service includes on-site consulting and evaluation for building envelope problems or issues. This subscription will give customers priority site evaluation scheduling. Final reporting on evaluations will be unbias on to KSFI’s products and services.


Let us help you expand your business by assisting you in offering SPF insulation. This will save you from going to the great expense of acquiring all the necessary equipment, additional insurance and training for your employees. Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss this installation service for your business.


We would like to help Home Builders offer SPF Insulation to the customer for their projects. We are available to answer any questions and work with customers on your behalf, if needed. Click here for our Home Builders brochure.


We can provide recommendations and specs on SPF Insulation used in variety of applications. Please call our SPF Advisor with specifics about your project.


We have the equipment, resource and the manpower to handle large-scale projects. Please contact our SPF Advisor with specifics about the project.


We encourage all architects and designers to learn more about SPF Insulation. We have learned over the years that offering SPF insulation in the beginning planning stages of a project is essential to customer satisfaction in the many benefits of SPF insulation. We are always available to discuss any project or application using SPF insulation. Click here to download our Architect brochure.


KSFI offers top-quality SPF Insulation and coating services for commercial and industrial properties for both existing structures and new construction.

Coatings & Ignition / Thermal Barriers

Kansas Spray Foam Insulation, LLC can apply coatings over the SPF insulation. Thermal and Ignition Barriers are required when installing SPF insulation in any structure.  The thermal or ignition barrier is what keeps the combustible SPF insulation from the flames.  That’s what separates it from the occupied spaces. The International Residential Code (IRC) and International Building Code (IBC) both include requirements for thermal barriers and ignition barriers.  KSFI, LLC can consult on these coatings for your project.

Capabilities statement

Kansas Spray Foam Insulation, LLC offers top-quality SPF Insulation and coating services for commercial and industrial properties for both existing structures and new construction.

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