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Agricultural and Livestock business owners and operators face the same challenge as most businesses – reduce operating costs while producing quality products. Whether farming crops or raising livestock, it is essential to any operation to eliminate air infiltration, control moisture, and maintain consistent temperatures, all the while reducing energy costs.   With decades of proven performance on some of the largest, state-of-the-art facilities, LaPolla’s FOAM-LOK Spray Foam Insulation technology is the most effective insulation system available. LaPolla offers both medium and high density spray foam systems to seal and insulate the facility, forming a fully adhered, seamless barrier against the harshest of agricultural environments.  KSFI, LLC installs only LaPolla spray foam products to ensure the best product is used the very first time!

Livestock barns are prone to soiling and must be clean effectively on the walls, floor and ceiling.  When a coating is applied to the SPF insulation, cleaning the walls and ceilings are much easier and possible.  Many of today’s farms have turned to using the affordable metal barn. Insulation types for these buildings are much different than it would be in a city environment.  SPF Insulation will add racking strength, R-value and waterproofing which makes this an easy choice for farmers everywhere.

Kansas Spray Foam Insulation, LLC installs only the best in spray polyurethane foam products from LaPolla Industries.  As mentioned on their website, LaPolla Industries, Inc. is a global manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art spray polyurethane foam insulation (SPF or spray foam), reflective roof coatings, and rigs and equipment — designed to reduce energy consumption in the residential, industrial, and commercial structures.  Please refer to their brochures on designated uses by clicking on each image below.


The Best-in-Class Insulation Solution for:

  • Climate Control
  • Healthier Environment
  • Moisture Management
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption
  • Rodent and Pest Barrier (including Termites!)


It is essential to any operation to eliminate air infiltration, control moisture, and maintain consistent temperatures, all while reducing energy costs. FOAM-LOK Spray Foam effectively seals the building envelope, filling in any cracks and crevices. Poultry houses properly insulated with FOAM-LOK medium and high-density spray foam provide a better growth environment, reducing mortality rates and improving product quality.


Ineffectively insulated dairy farms are prone to:  high heating and cooling costs, extreme temperature variations, reduced production, and uncontrolled moisture and condensation.


FOAM-LOK Spray Foam is a high performance insulation specifically designed for the agricultural industry to protect:

  • Greenhouses
  • Crop storage tanks
  • Produce hibernation facilities
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