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Diana Brauer

Meet Diana Brauer, the Multifaceted Business Operations Manager at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation LLC

Diana Brauer takes on the dynamic role of Business Operations Manager at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation LLC. Her responsibilities are as diverse as they come, encompassing a wide range of essential functions that keep the company running smoothly.

As the Business Operations Manager, Diana is a true jack-of-all-trades. Her job involves handling a myriad of critical tasks, including insurance, finance, accounting, marketing, legal matters, human resources, safety protocols, product development, and business development. She’s the driving force behind the scenes, ensuring that every aspect of the company’s operations is running like a well-oiled machine.

But Diana’s role goes beyond just managing tasks. She also takes on the mantle of leadership, guiding her team toward both professional success and personal fulfillment. Her ability to inspire and support her colleagues is a cornerstone of the company’s success.

What Diana loves most about her job is hearing the stories of how Kansas Spray Foam Insulation has positively impacted the lives of both customers and employees. It’s these heartwarming tales of transformation and improvement that make all the hard work worthwhile.

Beyond her professional life, Diana’s personal life is tightly woven with her family and her love for sports. All of her children are involved in various aspects of the business, making it a true family endeavor. The Brauer family bonds over softball and clay shooting events, creating both lasting memories and a strong company culture. In her downtime, Diana enjoys engaging in hands-on DIY projects, constantly expanding her skillset.

In the workplace, Diana is known for her unwavering support, encouraging her colleagues to reach for their dreams. She’ll also never turn you down for a coffee date if it means she can get a good vanilla latte!

Diana Brauer’s role as the Business Operations Manager at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation LLC is a testament to her dedication, versatility, and leadership skills. Her love for her family, her passion for making a difference, and her ability to juggle multiple responsibilities make her an indispensable part of the team.


Donna Brauer

Meet Donna Brauer, Estimator and Marketing Specialist at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation

Donna Brauer wears multiple hats at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation, where she holds the dual role of Estimator and Marketing Specialist. Her dynamic responsibilities span various facets of the company’s operations, allowing her to blend analytical prowess with creative flair to create a lasting impact.

As an Estimator, Donna is the go-to expert when it comes to running and utilizing estimating software. She’s responsible for generating bids and proposals for customers, ensuring that they receive accurate and competitive pricing. Donna’s background as a certified Drafter equips her with a unique blend of analytical thinking, mathematical precision, and a love for science, making her adept at crafting meticulous and data-driven estimates.

In her capacity as a Marketing Specialist, Donna takes charge of Kansas Spray Foam Insulation’s outreach efforts. Her role involves tracking statistics, managing the company’s social media presence, and overseeing the website. Donna also represents the company at fairs, shows, and various business events, building connections with other businesses and customers. She plays a pivotal role in aligning the company’s values and business ideals with innovative marketing methods and trends.

Donna thrives on the connections she creates, both within the business-to-business landscape and between Kansas Spray Foam Insulation and its customers. She revels in being the initial point of contact that sets the company apart from others in the insulation industry. Donna’s analytical and creative mindset allows her to tailor her approach to connect with a diverse customer base. Her ability to merge analytical thinking with creativity is a hallmark of her success.

Outside of work, Donna’s life is a tapestry of diverse interests and activities. She’s an enthusiast who thrives on outdoor adventures and believes in embracing new experiences. Whether it’s riding her beloved 2015 Indian Scout motorcycle on cross-country road trips, boating, camping, participating in rodeo-related activities, swing dancing, or engaging in friendly games of pool, Donna’s zest for life shines through. Her willingness to try anything at least once keeps her weekends filled with exciting escapades.

Donna’s co-workers would describe her as the “efficient scatterbrain” who possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the company. She’s a reliable source for any information related to Kansas Spray Foam Insulation and can guide you to the answers you seek. With her uncanny ability to remember every person the company encounters and her knack for forging connections, Donna is the linchpin that keeps things running smoothly.

Donna Brauer’s role at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation is a testament to her versatility, passion for connection, and unbridled enthusiasm for life’s adventures. Her efficiency in chaos and unwavering commitment to the company make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Vincent Brauer

Meet Vincent Brauer, Estimator at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation

Vincent Brauer is the Estimator at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation, where he plays a pivotal role in commercial projects. His responsibilities encompass a range of critical tasks, and his passion for organization, communication, and variety fuels his success.

As an Estimator, Vincent specializes in the meticulous art of commercial surveying. He’s the expert when it comes to quantity takeoffs and preparing submittals for commercial projects. His role involves ensuring that every detail is accounted for, helping to streamline the estimation process for complex commercial ventures.

Vincent’s love for his job stems from his appreciation for organization and his strong communication skills. These qualities are vital in his role, where precision and clarity are paramount. His ability to organize and communicate effectively ensures that every commercial project he undertakes is well-coordinated and executed seamlessly.

Outside of the workplace, Vincent’s life takes on a vibrant dimension. He’s not just a basketball fan; he’s a rabid college basketball enthusiast, proudly supporting his team with a resounding “Rock Chalk!” Vincent’s passion for music shines through as he teaches piano and indulges in his love for jazz during his free time. These interests showcase his dedication to both the arts and the vibrant world of sports.

In Vincent’s world, precision in estimating commercial projects is harmoniously balanced with his passion for music, basketball, and teaching. His multifaceted interests and skills make him a valued member of the Kansas Spray Foam Insulation LLC team, adding a touch of creativity and enthusiasm to the world of commercial estimation.

Jennifer Lopez

Meet Jennifer Lopez, the Operational Bookkeeper at Kansas Foam Insulation

Jennifer takes on a crucial role as the Operational Bookkeeper at Kansas Foam Insulation, where her responsibilities revolve around the meticulous art of bookkeeping and financial record-keeping.

As the Operational Bookkeeper, Jennifer is the financial guardian of the company, ensuring that all financial transactions are recorded meticulously and organized into accounts. Her role involves the daily process of capturing the company's financial data, a task that forms an integral part of the company's accounting process.

What Jennifer loves most about her job is the supportive and encouraging work environment. At Kansas Foam Insulation, she finds herself in a setting that fosters growth and learning. The company is genuinely enthusiastic about training and empowering its employees. It allows them to progress at their own pace and skill level while providing encouragement every step of the way.

Beyond her role at work, Jennifer enjoys a diverse array of interests. She has formed a unique bond with the company owners' daughter, teaching her how to ride a motorcycle and sharing quality time together. Her weekends are often filled with adventures, including camping trips and working on various projects like motorcycles, cars, woodworking, and artistic endeavors.

In the workplace, Jennifer is known for her organizational skills and her willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that tasks are completed. She's a reliable and dedicated team member who takes the extra steps to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Jennifer Lopez's role as an Operational Bookkeeper showcases her financial expertise and dedication to keeping the company's financial records in perfect order. Her diverse interests and her ability to balance work and life make her a valued and well-rounded member of the Kansas Foam Insulation team.

Trevor L. Brauer

Meet Trevor L. Brauer, Project Manager and scheduling Extraordinaire at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation

Trevor plays a pivotal role as the Project Manager and scheduling Guru at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation. His job revolves around overseeing residential projects and ensuring that everything is running smoothly according to schedule.

What Trevor loves most about his job is the chance to work with family. It's a unique and heartwarming aspect of his role that brings an extra layer of connection and camaraderie to the workplace.

When it comes to his interests outside of work, Trevor keeps it simple - he enjoys hanging out with his friends. It's a testament to his down-to-earth nature.

At the workplace, Trevor's co-workers would likely describe him as the fun one. He brings a sense of enjoyment to the team, adding a touch of lightheartedness to the daily grind. Whether it's lightening the mood or keeping spirits high, Trevor knows how to make work more enjoyable for everyone.

Trevor Brauer's role as a Project Manager and scheduling maestro not only reflects his dedication to his family but also his ability to infuse fun into the workplace. His uncomplicated approach to life and work makes him a cherished member of the Kansas Spray Foam Insulation team.

Kelsey Van Dyne

Meet Kelsey Van Dyne, Project Evaluator at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation

Kelsey Van Dyne is the unsung hero at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation, serving as the Project Evaluator. While her role may not be in the spotlight, it plays a vital part in the seamless operation of the company.

As a Project Evaluator, Kelsey is responsible for managing supply inventory and ensuring the spray guns used by the crews are in top-notch condition. She has a natural affinity for taking things apart and putting them back together. For her, rebuilding the guns is a fun and rewarding challenge. She enjoys diving into the intricacies of the equipment, diagnosing issues, and fixing them. Whether it's troubleshooting why a gun isn't spraying correctly, addressing side seal problems, or resolving air-related issues, Kelsey takes it all in her stride.

Outside of work, Kelsey's heart belongs to her family and friends. Family is everything to her, and she cherishes spending time with her loved ones. She's the one who grew up with a soundtrack of '80s and '90s rock music, with bands like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, New Kids on the Block, Poison, and Queen as her favorites.

Kelsey has a hidden talent—she's a skilled bowler. In her younger days, she was part of a bowling team for a remarkable eight years, earning 3-4 first-place trophies along the way.

When she's not working or knocking down pins, Kelsey's hobbies mainly revolve around music and movies. She loves immersing herself in her favorite tunes and enjoying a good movie.

Kelsey's co-workers might describe her as the quiet and diligent team member who shows up and gets the job done. She's known for her strong work ethic and her ability to excel in any task she takes on.

Kelsey Van Dyne's role as a Project Evaluator at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation showcases her precision, problem-solving skills, and dedication to the team's success, even if it's behind the scenes. Her passion for music, bowling prowess, and love for family make her a well-rounded and valued member of the company.

Taylor Aylor

Meet Taylor Aylor, the Customer Service Rep at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation

Taylor serves as the Customer Service Rep at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation, where her role is all about ensuring that customers have a seamless experience with the company.

As a Customer Service Rep, Taylor diligently updates customer information in the database, following precise directions to keep everything running smoothly. She also takes on various projects assigned by the Business Operations and Marketing Manager, contributing to the overall efficiency of the team.

What Taylor loves most about her job is the flexibility it offers, allowing her to balance her work and family life. This balance is a precious aspect of her career, giving her the freedom to prioritize what matters most. Her job also allows her to exercise care and compassion, values that she holds dear.

Beyond her role at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation, Taylor leads an interesting life. She works from home, juggling her career with the responsibilities of being a parent to two kids. In addition, she's a herbalist with her own business, adding an entrepreneurial spirit to her diverse skill set.

Taylor's life is a dynamic blend of work, family, and her passion for herbalism. Her ability to maintain a harmonious balance between these facets of her life showcases her dedication to both her career and her personal pursuits.

In the workplace, Taylor is a reliable and efficient team member who keeps things organized behind the scenes. Her contributions may not always be in the spotlight, but they are undeniably essential to the smooth operation of the team.

Taylor Aylor's role as a Customer Service Rep reflects her dedication to customer satisfaction, her knack for organization, and her ability to find balance in the midst of a busy life. Her diverse interests and commitments make her a valuable and well-rounded member of the Kansas Spray Foam Insulation team.

Katherine Stilley

Meet Katherine Stilley, Residential Project Evaluator at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation.

Katherine’s role revolves around building connections with customers, understanding the intricate details of their projects, and creating tailored proposals that meet their unique needs.

As a Residential Project Evaluator, Katherine is the first point of contact for our customers. She engages in detailed conversations with them to understand the scope of their projects. If the project is well-defined, she takes the initiative to visit the site, collecting all the essential information required to create a comprehensive proposal. Her commitment to maintaining direct communication with customers ensures that they are informed every step of the way.

What Katherine loves most about her job is that it's about helping, not just selling. She takes pride in finding solutions to the diverse array of challenges that customers bring to the table. Whether it's addressing insulation needs, tackling unique project requirements, or resolving any issues that may arise, Katherine thrives on finding innovative and effective solutions.

Beyond her professional life, Katherine's heart belongs to her family. She has four beautiful children and shares her life's adventures with her wonderful partner. Their shared love for the outdoors takes them camping whenever they get the chance. From exploring the woods to casting lines for fishing, they relish every opportunity to be outside, basking in nature's beauty.

For Katherine and her family, Chiefs football isn't just a sports season; it's a dedicated holiday. They seize the moment to bring together as many friends and family members as possible, celebrating the spirit of community and the thrill of the game.

Katherine Stilley's role as a Residential Project Evaluator combines her passion for problem-solving with her love for the great outdoors and cherished family moments. Her dedication to helping customers and her commitment to building connections make her an invaluable part of the Kansas Spray Foam Insulation team.


Zak Rurode

Meet Zak Rurode, Business Relationship Manager at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation

As the Business Relationship Manager at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation, Zak Rurode plays a pivotal role in forging connections within the construction industry. His primary responsibility is to facilitate meaningful partnerships between our company and other businesses in the construction sector, with the goal of establishing Kansas Spray Foam Insulation as their trusted spray foam insulation contractor.

Zak is passionate about his work because it aligns with his belief in the importance of energy efficiency and comfort. He finds fulfillment in helping individuals and organizations reduce their energy costs while creating more comfortable living and working environments. For him, the service and product provided by Kansas Spray Foam Insulation have universal benefits, making a positive impact on people's lives by saving them money in the long run.

Outside of his professional life, Zak embraces his inner nerd. He's an avid fan of all things sci-fi and fantasy, and you can often find him immersed in video games, which serve as his escape from the real world. His love for gaming is a testament to his ability to find joy and relaxation in the virtual realms.

In the workplace, Zak's colleagues would likely describe him as a goofball who brings a sense of fun and positivity to the team. He's the one who strives to make everyone smile and enjoy their work environment. His friendly and approachable demeanor fosters a sense of camaraderie among his co-workers.

Zak Rurode's role as the Business Relationship Manager at Kansas Spray Foam Insulation reflects his commitment to helping others while embracing his passion for technology and gaming. His unique blend of professionalism and personal interests enriches both his professional and personal life.

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