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KSFI’s Process
After you have contacted our office, our non-commissioned Salesman will schedule a time to visit with you to discuss your concerns about your home/project and answer any questions you have about spray foam insulation.
After our visit, you will be sent a proposal. We recommend to all our customers to get 2 or 3 proposals for their project. KSFI has a guide to “Hiring a Spray Foam Contractor“. This guide helps our customers navigate through other proposals.
Once our proposal is accepted, KSFI will get your project on the schedule and complete your project.
Our final step is to follow up with you to ensure your needs and expectations have been met.

Financing Available!
CENTRAL BANK OF THE MIDWEST: Contact Allisa by email at [email protected] or call her office at (785) 865-1085.
ENVISTA CREDIT UNION: Contact Jamie at (785) 228-8016 or
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